Hadden's Log And Journal: Specimen 13483 Mammalia. Rodentia. Sciuromorpha. Sciuridae.

Sciuridae courtesy of Wikipedia
What an amazing creature this is, and very tricky as well for this retrieval though I eventually befriended it, making the retrieval very trivial. The archived information and data on the subclass and family of the retrieval specimen can be found in the archive data house.

This particular subfamily of the species went missing from the records about 2098 around the time the World Deforestation Treaties attempted to curb the destruction of world forest habitats.

Amazingly enough I have through careful observation determined that such creatures are in fact full fledged terraformers and uncommonly skilled statisticians.

Let me explain my findings.

First of all, this creature is an ardent lover of nuts from the trees of temperate climate and often survives on a diet of such. It is a species that prepares for winter by burying many nuts over an area. It rarely remembers where each nut is that it buries, but often many such creatures bury their nuts in the same area, so by sheer numbers and statistics, these creatures are able to survive without explicitly working together to share food. They do so by the sheer numbers of nuts they bury and the fact that each of these creatures operating in an area benefit from the variety of nuts that have been buried by each.

The interesting side effect is that these creatures are terraformers in the fact that they bury these nuts on such a large scale. Nuts are of course the seeds of trees, and therefore these creatures actually propagate a forest by their dietary habits! This in turn expands forested lands and the canopy of such forests allows the earth to trap moisture (by shielding it from the sun) which revitalises the soil and turns carbon dioxide into oxygen as part of its respiratory system reducing the overall carbon footprint of the planet.

These creatures are among many that actually by their actions and dietary habits, transform the entire planet.

They can be quite friendly and sometimes territorial, so its best to get acquainted from a distance and leave them to their space. If they like you, they might come up close and get to know you.

Hadden 92CF34781XXY

Pleroma Response And Remarks

The retrieval subject currently resides in a protective sanctuary simulation with a genetic clone living in park service NAC434927 should you care to visit with your friend, Hadden.

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